Thursday, October 14, 2004


If you watch any Baseball at all, you have seen them (hell, maybe you have been one of them). The Jack-n-Apes who sit around home plate, get on their cell phones, and wave to somebody watching them on TV. You see me waving…yea…hey look, I’m still waving huh? Ooohh, you can see me again?...I’ll keep waving then.
Can’t the director of the broadcast do something about this? Maybe blur them out or put an ad in front of their face? As soon as you see a fan around home plate put a cell phone to their ear, throw up a Viagra logo or a Sportscenter is next!

I readily admit, when I call people dorks it’s the pot calling the kettle black. But at least I keep it to the confines of the local comic book shop or Bloggin page.

If one day you find yourself next to one of these people, give them a solid punch to the arm as soon as they start waving. Now that is something I wouldn’t mind seeing!


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