Thursday, October 14, 2004

Red Soxs And Cubs Fans Don't Suffer Alone

Yes, it's been a long hard road for Cubs and Red Sox fans. Everyone knows it was 1908 since the Cubs have won a championship and 1918 for Boston. Those years have been filled with turmoil, agony and heartbreak. But they aren't the only fans that have experienced heartbreak or who have been waiting for a championship as long as they can remember. Hell, some fans don't even know what it's like to be heartbroken.

First there is the Devil Rays and the Rockies. Now they don't really count since they haven't been around that long but still, if you're a true fan of those teams, you have the right to be a little bitter.

The Seattle Mariners have been around since 1977 and none of their fans know what it is to be in the series. Also the Montreal Expos have existed since 1969 and they have never seen a World Series either. You are probably thinking that there are no Expo fans but there has got to be some deprived sucker somewhere. Some sucker who's just been devastated these past 35 years without a World Series game of his own to watch or no chance to see his team on ESPN Classic.

Now let's dig a little deeper. The Houston Astros began their existence in 1962, the Texas Rangers in 71 (they were the Washington Senators). Now we are getting into multiple generations of fans who are disappointed year after year, not feeling the tension that is World Series play.

That takes care of the teams that have never played in one; here are some of the teams that have not won in a very long time.

The Brewers and Giants fall into a grey zone here. The Milwaukee Brewers have never won but the Milwaukee Braves won in 1957. The San Francisco Giants have never won either but the New York version of the team last won in 54 (The Oakland A's have won four times since they moved to Oakland yet the Giants are significantly more popular than the A's, in the Bay Area...go figure).

Right now Cleveland fans are probably screaming "What about us? We are losers too!"
Yes, you sure are guys. The sports teams on a whole are losers. Cleveland makes Boston and Chicago look like the Disneyland of sports. The Browns haven't won since 1964. The Cavaliers never have and the town doesn't even have a NHL team (although nobody will have a NHL team come October). What about the Indians, you say? Not since 1948.

But the bitterest fan of all these teams might have to be of the other Chicago team...the White Sox. They haven't won a Championship since 1917. And I seem to remember that whole Black Sox throwing the series thing back in 1919. Okay I don't remember it but I did see the movie; "Say it ain't so Joe!" Chi Sox fan actually has a right to be more pissed than a Red Sox fan but the White Sox never had Babe Ruth get traded away or have Ben Damon Matt Affleck rooting for them.

So come October, when you Cubs and Red Sox fans lament over a another season of what could have been as you watch the Yankees, or some random expansion team, win another World Series, don't feel bad. You will have more company than you thought.


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