Sunday, January 02, 2005


The St. Louis Rams have somehow managed to sneak in the playoffs.

They made it dispite Mike Martz, terrible special-teams play, the worse turnover ratio in the league, Mark Bulger being injured and me being their fan.

That's a lot to overcome. But they did and now Martz just needs to remember one thing: STEVEN JACKSON.

Hey Martz, when you wake up in the morning, remember Jackson.

Remember him when you have your coffee, take your first piss, watch Sponge Bob, look at your gut in the mirror, emptying beer bottles from the night before, putting your Crest White Strips on, whacking-off to your playbook that's open to show your favorite pass play.

You need to remember to use Steven Jackson because that is what's going to win you playoff games. But most of all, it will let me forget what a pigheaded coach you are.