Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jerry Rice Is An Old Ass-hole!

Jerry Rice once made a now very famous comment (famous among my friends anyway) to a reporter once (I think it was a reporter); “I’m Jerry Rice, you’re an ass-hole!”

Old Man Rice has been traded to the Seahawks and he’s bringing his precious number 80 with him. That was the number Largent used while putting up his Hall-o-Fame, record breaking numbers in Seattle. The Seahawks have since retired his jersey. For those of you who don’t know, that means nobody (while playing for that team) can play with that number again.

Nobody…but Geriatric Jerry that is.

Largent gave Rice permission to use his retired number 80 after Jerry called and asked him if he could. Steve said yes but what else could he say? Steve has class, he doesn’t want to make a big deal over a number like Jerry did.

I just wish Largent would have said no to Jerry. And maybe he could have said no like this:

Jerry: “Hi Steve, It’s Jerry Rice. I was wondering if I could play with your number 80?”
Steve: “Sorry, no.”
Jerry: “Why not?”
Steve: “I’m Steve Largent, you’re an ass-hole!”


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